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Market leaders in telematics solutions

Airmax Group is a market leader in providing innovative telematics and vehicle tracking solutions to a wide range of industries. Our intelligent systems are used for Fleet and Asset Management, Driver Training and Vehicle Maintenance by Fleet and Finance Managers in SME Fleets, leasing companies, banks and more recently Emergency Services across the UK and Europe. Our telematics products enable our customers to reduce fuel and operating costs, monitor CO2 emissions and control their businesses smarter and more efficiently. 

Our Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Solution is simple to use and low in cost, helping you save money and increase productivity. Our core expertise is the supply and development of in-vehicle telematics and remote vehicle diagnostics; a one-box solution that combines onboard diagnostics with GPS. Already installed in over 250,000 vehicles since 1986 with previous and current products, the latest is compatible with 98% of road vehicles via a patented CANbus interface designed to not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

More recently, our telematics based system addresses the Home Office/ACPO ITS “Driver & Vehicle Data Management System” (DVDMS) requirement which will implement common standards of officer and vehicle monitoring across police forces in the UK.

While we do work directly with the industry, we are an enabling business that  works with partners to bring our technology to market. Through our network of resellers, partners and white labelled clients, our telematics products are used in hundreds of thousands of vehicles across Europe and increasingly the US, saving industry millions of unnecessary miles and litres of fuel while reducing operating costs. 

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