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Airmax Remote

Telematics Service Solutions

Airmax Remote is a telematics service provider (TSP) and offers a range of remote in-vehicle telematics devices.  As a leading trade supplier of advanced telematics solutions to the fleet market, we offer innovative products providing solutions far beyond the usual simple track and trace offerings. We offer managed hosting via our outsourcing partner Rackspace.

Rackspace provides a dedicated support team to look after your hosting solution, plus managed services including security, reporting, monitoring, server OS & apps infrastructure support, 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 technical support.

We also host and support a complete range of web products and have a policy of continuous product development and enhancements by our own, in-house development teams.

Our subject market place consists of:

Remote diagnostics for diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and vehicle service alerts.

This system alerts based on fixed mileage ceilings and variable prompts. Condition Based Service (CBS) was first introduced with the BMW 7 Series and is an evolution of the service interval indicator that has featured on other models in the BMW range. The Airmax Remote system is similar but works on most modern vehicles and is remote i.e. not relying on an intelligent key or dashboard for warnings and transmits via GPRS.

A car is an expensive item and needs to be maintained.  Maintaining a vehicle will help to make sure it stays roadworthy and safe to drive, and helps to maintains the investment.

A full service history, detailing timely service completions can increase a vehicle’s resale value and saleability.  Keeping to the service schedules will also mean your car is more fuel efficient and less polluting.  Carrying out the servicing on time is vital for maintaining any manufacturer’s warranty that comes with it.

Fixed or Variable Servicing?

Older vehicles will be on a fixed interval service schedule of 10,000 miles or 1 year (whichever comes round sooner).

Variable Servicing – is a system whereby an on-board computer automatically monitors how the car is being driven and the condition of the engine. A warning light flashes on the dashboard when a service is due.

Motorway driving and moderate speeds often trigger longer service intervals. However, short, urban-based runs where there is a lot of gear changes, braking and accelerating, or if you have a ‘hard’ driving style, then the interval between services gets shorter. The typical stop-start of rush hour driving, for example, places greater strain on the engine and it has to work harder to maintain performance.

True mileage capture from ECU or OBD

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Crash notification (FNOL)

Driver ID (RFID)

Driver style analysis, driver profiling and KPI event reporting

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Usage based insurance

– Pay How You Drive (PHYD)

– Pay As You Drive (PAYD)

– Community Insurance for fleets.

– Driver improvement programming using ADAS and Horizon data 

Fuel management

– Fuel spend

– Analysis 

Alternative fuels integration and hybrid car management and logging

Vehicle logistics