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Airmax Technologies

 Airmax cutting edge technologies

Airmax Technologies is the unseen development powerhouse within the Airmax Group. Our team of expert developers research, design, test, develop and manufacture the cutting edge technologies that power the rest of the business.

The rate of change and technology advances in today’s world is nothing short of astounding. To stay competitive companies must constantly re-invent themselves, innovate, create, design, manufacture and deploy new and better products and services.

Today’s Application Service Providers drive business solutions success through their software and service. Connecting assets and delivering data to the applications that drive business empowerment and are key to solving business issues.

Airmax Technologies has partnered with some of the world’s leading vertically-oriented ASPs to provide the business solutions market with back-end application hosting and value-added services.

Airmax’ hosting architecture enables real-time communications from remote devices to your fleet back office and other critical business applications, delivering up-to-date asset information for timely decision-making.

Products range from simple track-and-trace or automatic vehicle location devices all the way up to ‘one box’ onboard vehicle diagnostic and GPS solutions used for real-time control and management of remote and mobile assets. Airmax delivers flexible, modular architecture for development and deployment.

Design to Production is our expertise

Following manufacture, our technology is then sold and distributed through the Airmax Remote™ arm of our company to either our direct fleets or partnership programmes.

You can buy hardware from Airmax Remote™ or if you have sufficient demand we will be happy to discuss manufacturing licences or if you prefer you can buy direct from the factory.

We design, prototype and manufacture all our own products in the UK and are happy to offer part or all of the solution or work with you to develop your own. All products are fully tested in the field using test fleets from most OEM manufactures or participating fleets or leasing companies.

Our in-house design ability can take your product from conceptual stage to prototyping, through pre-production onto full production. We will work with you to ensure that all your new products are designed with both manufacture and test in mind.

Functional and in circuit testing is undertaken by our expert test engineers. We have supply agreements in place with major supply chain partners to ensure competitive pricing.