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Fleet Telematics

Telematics Are An Intrinsic Part Of A Well-Run Fleet

Fleet telematics systems traditionally allow for information to be exchanged between vehicles in a fleet and a central point of oversight. These systems are configured to transmit GPS data, and it is in the use of that data that fleet telematics has expanded in recent years. Now, instead of just being able to see where fleet vehicles are, telematics systems produce information related to vehicle performance, converse with drivers to allocate tasks and routes, improve job completion rates and enhance customer experience as more tasks are completed on time thanks to the improved scheduling options fleet managers now have.

How Telematics Can Provide A Platform For Success

The widespread use of telematics as the vital part of fleet management incorporates a lot more thinking than just monitoring carbon foot printing. The applications of fleet telematics also covers the following areas:

  • Analysis of driver patterns so that fuel efficiency and service standards can be streamlined
  • Communication flow to allow real-time traffic updates that can help fleet vehicles beat congestions and adjust routes
  • Deploying geo-fencing: a way to set an area within which a vehicle operates to ensure that fleet management can keep a strong handle on travel boundaries
  • Telematics help fleet managers to more accurately schedule maintenance and service through accurate vehicle-specific reports. This keeps the fleet mobile more often, and disruption kept to a minimum

Airmax Telematics Solutions Will Improve Your Fleet’s Performance

Airmax offers a variety of bespoke telematic solutions tailored to suit the exact requirements of your fleet:

  • Capture data with a ‘one-box’ solution with our CAN Bus technologies. An ideal way to get greater understanding of the performance of your vehicles, and a key part of Airmax telematics range
  • Our remote devices are essential to the effective ‘track and trace’ management facility that fleets crave. Our Vehicle Location and GPS device supports a CAN Bus interface as standard, and GPS can also come as an additional data support if initially separate to the package
  • CO2 data collection is an increasing focus throughout fleet management. You can monitor and work out how better to control carbon emissions through the automated CO2 recording option, a standard feature on with Airmax telematics

Choose The Right Package For Your Business

We have a wide product range that caters for our diverse, and expanding, customer base. Our Account Managers are on hand to run you through our fleet telematic products, so use our contact form or call us on 01932 504 300