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Vehicle Diagnostics

Keeping You On The Move

Before the advent of vehicle diagnostic software, understanding complex mechanical issues affecting vehicle performance was an inexact science. Since the 1990s, however, vehicles of all types have carried consolidated on-board technology – OBD-II – that keeps watch over all facets of vehicle performance, from generic engine health management through to diagnostic functions.

As a diagnostic tool, on-board systems effectively work to run coded reports accessible to mechanics working to rectify problems. In a fast-paced technological environment, Airmax has been a market leader and innovator setting the standard in the design and deployment of vehicle diagnostic tools since 2006. We aim to keep on evolving.

The Cutting Edge Of Vehicle Management

At Airmax, we continue to refine vehicle diagnostic tooling that incorporates the latest technology. We understand that having top quality vehicle diagnostic equipment is key to the smooth running of your business. You can rapidly identify and resolve maintenance problems to drive efficiency gains, manage the quality of vehicle performance, and make your business smarter, faster, by adopting Airmax vehicle diagnostics throughout your fleet. 

The Airmax Range: We’ve Got You Covered

Regardless of the number of vehicles you are running, Airmax has a wide variety of flexible solutions you need to give your business a key competitive edge. Additionally, we provide our remote vehicle diagnostic software on a bespoke basis, so we can build exactly what you need:

  • Our CAN Bus technologies are a ‘one-box’ solution, giving you a multifaceted data capture tool in one contained space. You can capture a broad data picture to help you make informed decisions on overall vehicle performance, measure CO2 output without having to take manual collections, and get a picture of the cost performance of your vehicle range.
  • On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, refers to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic capability. With standardised diagnostic trouble coding for the rapid identification and rectification of vehicle malfunctions, from engine management through to braking systems.
  • At Airmax, our vehicle location software and GPS interacts with CAN Bus on a unified basis as a standard vehicle diagnostic tool. This gives you the opportunity to manage vehicle information surrounding fuel consumption, power use and performance in conjunction with vehicle fault reporting. 

If drive a truck specifically and need further information about how we can help you with your Truck’s diagnostics, please click on our helpful link below:

Choose The Right Package For Your Business

Our approach to vehicle diagnostics is always based around your needs. Our Standard, Premium and Premium Plus options are designed as all-inclusive products that will push you on towards efficiency and performance goals. For more information, you can use our contact form for more information, or call use direct on 01932 504 300.