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Our Expertise

Telematics Service Provider

Airmax Group is still focused on so called ‘black box’ technology and have developed its 3rd generation of telematics solutions. Airmax is a white label company and is a specialist Telematics Service Provider (TSP) and to a lesser degree a ‘disruptive’ web-hosted technology developer. After 20 years of product development and company morphing and subsequent growth as a TSP it is now looking to slightly alter its focus and business direction.

Airmax’s vehicle telematics products and solutions are designed for leasing companies, banks, insurance companies and fleet managers whose goal is to extend real-time information management and control to remote and mobile assets and assess and manage risk. Our products are used throughout Europe in applications such as vehicle tracking and fleet service management, asset monitoring, public safety, location-based services and Pay How You Drive™ insurance initiatives.

These products are able to reduce operating costs and increase driver productivity. They provide a technical framework to monitor driver hours, fuel usage, driver profiling and duty of care and crash management.

A rigorous and comprehensive product quality assurance policy is implemented across our business. Quality engineering is embedded in processes, procedures and team ethics; we operate under recognised quality management systems. Airmax has several patents awarded and pending patents in the area of remote diagnostics and insurance schemes.

Our ongoing projects include:

• Condition Based Service (CBS)
      – OBD
      – ECU
      – CANbus
• Crash alerts ( FNOL)
• ECU Eco re-mapping
• Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) with ADAS and GPS
• Driver behaviour monitoring – league tables – user based insurance
      – Community insurance initiatives
      – Pay As You Drive systems
      – Pay How You Drive systems
      – Manage How You Drive systems
• ADAS and horizon applications
      – Road speed database
• Remote tachograph
• Fuel management
      – Fuel card management
• SIM management
• Garage scan tools
      – Remote Tyre

Vehicle centric applications

Traditionally we have seen ourselves as telematics service provider (TSP).

We are expanding our general focus to now include new market sectors and this will mean specialising in new products and developing new ‘expert systems’ in vehicle centric applications.

We will concentrate on the development of added value services to provide new income and initiatives associated with vehicle management. Provide solutions to help manage and identify ‘whole life’ costs for vehicle ownership.

‘Although our ‘top level’ aim is the study and development of vehicle systems that will reduce CO2, our overriding rationale for engagement with our customers is to assist and enable their reduction of fuel costs’.

We are advocates of the concept of ‘off the grid’ power generation and are working to instigate a micro fuel source using solar energy to create sustainable energy from hydrogen. Whilst the current trend is to invest in larger nationally based distribution networks, we are fervent believers in the ‘home brew kit’ approach. The safe and effective storage of hydrogen remains the only challenge left to overcome, and even this is currently on the verge of a breakthrough by both engineers and chemists who now have the concept technology to store hydrogen at ambient temperature without the traditionally associated complication of high compression levels.

We see the task at Airmax, within this exciting scenario, being one of maximising our input based on a core expertise in the design of automotive and industrial electronic systems, with the ultimate aim of facilitating a near term route to market.

• Dual fuel monitoring and EV battery monitoring
• HHO input and piggy back ECU’s on ICE engines
• Clean / Micro hydrogen generation for small fleets or home production using solar panels for electrolysers

We believe this will complement our existing offerings and be a catalyst for growth. We don’t see ourselves as just a black box supplier any more.

Cloud based applications

Whilst we still intend to grow our telematics customer base, our service offerings will now include other cloud based applications.

This will include:

• Open and closed loop payment cards
• Expense management
• Job optimisation and scheduling
• Loyalty, motivation and reward scheme management

We believe this will complement our existing offerings and be a catalyst for growth. We don’t see ourselves as just a black box supplier anymore.