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Fuel Saving Technology – Hero or Zero?

Companies that have developed aftermarket vehicle fuel saving devices or offer new fuel saving technologies appear to be thriving. So whose got it right, whom should we believe, are they all scams and what should we do, if anything, to save fuel and resultant CO2? Airmax has looked at three hydrogen technologies and in this paper reports on this alternative […]

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Home Hydrogen Fuelling Stations or Hydrogen on Demand

  Imagine in the not too distant future, driving your hydrogen car into your garage and filling it up with hydrogen from your very own home fueling station. Sounds a bit optimistic perhaps, doesn’t it?However, as far off as it sounds, right now there are people working to make this concept a reality. Click here to continue reading […]

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Overunity – The next rabbit hole or not?

“Overunity” – A generic term for any type of energy production in conditions that the known laws of physics dictate should not be able to produce. The claimed output of energy as the output is usually greater than the recognised input Energy efficiency greater than 100% in any system is theoretically impossible because an energy […]